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The life of a startup

The life of a startup


BrandCafé develops beautiful brand identities to help entrepreneurs express their vision for the future.

Over the years we've worked with various companies big and small. And we realize that working with startups and growing businesses is very fulfilling – we love the brilliant ideas, working closely with the visionaries behind the businesses whose brands we help grow, and getting to know brands from the perspective of the founders. We believe in your dream and support great ideas that aim to make a difference.

We understand the unique challenges that startups and SME's face – big pressure on strict budgets, compressed timelines and a million things to do on a daily basis.

That's why we've structured our service to answer pain points that small business entrepreneurs experience.

BrandCafé offers 2 compact branding services that consider tight timelines and budgets. Our focus is on the logo and website, because we believe that these two are the most important tools to promote a brand when you need to focus on priorities. If you'd like to know more, view our portfolio or try out our free initial consultation.

We'd like to give you the mind space to focus on growing your business, and allow us to offer our expertise to grow your brand.

Our service is all online so you don't need to spend time on numerous meetings and phone calls, and everything is tracked by trusted apps like Zendesk and Trello. This helps to keep costs low and projects focused and streamlined, thus giving you the mind space to focus on growing your business. Though we can't promise the bottom line, you can trust that our passion and experience will give your brand the full support it needs.