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Deliverables & Details


Keeping deliverables on track so that we can keep the work excellent.

At BrandCafé we always aim to make clients happy with the work. This means making sure that projects go smoothly: designs, feedback and approvals are made on time.

To focus on outputting quality work, we keep project management time to a minimum. This means having all information ready from the beginning and having everyone involved clear on expectations. We encourage clients to read this section before beginning a project with us.

Deliverables & Details


Brand Logo

The logos we create always consist of a customized logotype. A logomark or icon may or may not be included depending on the client's needs and preferences.


Step 1.
Brand Brief

Before starting the designs, we need a clear brief from you on your brand's background; why it's different or how it stands out; your design preference and rationale; target audience; logo applications; and competitive benchmarks. We'll share a form called "Brand Brief & Survey" that you can easily fill in with these details. We'll give you feedback as well to help ensure that the brief is complete and accurate as this is the foundation upon which we build our designs.

Step 2.
Design & Feedback

Based on the Brand Brief, we'll design a logo that will suit the brand's essence or DNA. Our branding packages include up to 3 rounds of design – this means that there will be 2 rounds of changes before final sign-off. Design 1 will include 3 brand logo directions. In the Design 2 stage, we take feedback from Design 1 and focus on one direction. Minor tweaks can be made in the Final Design round. Additional rounds are charged at US$150-500 depending on complexity and scope. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Design 1 -> Feedback 1
Design 2 -> Feedback 2
Final Design -> Sign-Off

Step 3.
Brand Guidelines

Once the logo has been approved, we'll prepare a set of basic brand guidelines that show the correct way to use the logo, the fonts used for brand typography, and the spaces required around the logo when it's applied to various materials. We will also prepare all logo files in major formats such as JPG and PNG as well as your social media icons.

Namecard & Letterhead

Once the logo is confirmed and signed off, we will design and prepare the namecard and letterhead. (Basic but Beautiful package does not include the letterhead.) The namecard and letterhead will be digital templates, which means that BrandCafé will input only one set of information (i.e., one person for the namecard); you will be able to edit this once you have the files.


Step 1.
Submit all Content to BrandCafé
Before we start any design, we must first receive all content from you. This is the information that will go into the designs, such as the name of the company, name of person, address, telephone numbers, email, etc. For effective project management, we will not start the namecard and letterhead designs until we have received the complete content from the client. 

Step 2.
Namecard & Letterhead Design

The designs will be customized in template format, meaning you may give us the final content and we will put them in the items, but we will not edit / proofread the content or prepare the card / letterhead for printing. Print production management is a separate, detail-oriented task which will require a separate price quote. There will be 3 rounds of design - 2 rounds of design, 2 rounds of changes and 1 final design before sign-off. Additional rounds are charged at US$150-500 depending on complexity and scope.

Step 3.
Digital Files
At the end of the project,  we will give you the final digital files with the copyright to the final designs for the namecard and letterhead. The formats include Adobe Illustrator CC and PDF. We will prepare a print-ready file which you can send directly to the printer. You may also edit this if needed; please ensure that before sending to the printer, all text is "outlined" or converted to graphics.


Both our Basic but Beautiful and A Handsome Serving packages include customized websites from Squarespace. You pay a monthly fee (cheaper if annually) which includes the Squarespace mobile-friendly template and hosting, as well as 24/7 support, global security and powerful analytics (see Squarespace Pricing). BrandCafé packages include only one language; additional languages will require extra fees.


Step 1.
Prepare & Confirm Sitemap
The first step is to prepare a sitemap outline. We'll share a form called "Request for Sitemap" via Google Docs that you can easily fill in. The sitemap guides BrandCafé in choosing the right website template for you; it also acts as an outline for the website content, which will help you with preparing copy.  Keep in mind that you must limit your sitemap to either 5 or 10 web pages (depending on the BrandCafé branding package that you chose.) Once the sitemap is confirmed by both client and BrandCafé, you can choose a website template, as well as prepare the full content.

Step 2.
Submit all Content to BrandCafé
Before we start any design, we must first receive all content from you. This includes all confirmed and proofread copy and all images you have that must be used in the site. If you have no available images, we can use the brand imagery that your package includes. Copy edits aren't included in BrandCafé's scope of work, but you can still make minor edits once the content has been uploaded; we'll give you the Squarespace login and you can directly edit online. Squarespace is easy to use even if you have no design or programming background.

Step 3.
Confirm Squarespace Template
BrandCafé has a curated a selection of Squarespace website templates for various needs, such as e-Commerce or basic sites. Based on the package that you chose and the sitemap that you gave us, we'll present 1-2 curated Squarespace templates for you to choose from. Templates are basic building blocks, so there is no need to worry too much about design at this point. The final brand impact will depend largely on the brand imagery, copy and typography that will be used in the website. Once you've chosen a template, we can start designing, customizing and uploading content to the website. 

Step 4.
Website Design

All pages will be designed following templates in Squarespace, which are beautiful and customizable to keep your brand identity and overall message in place. Custom programming is not included in BrandCafé packages, which means that we will customize design only within the limits of Squarespace. This is because keeping within the code that Squarespace has setup ensures 100% technical support, whereas if the code is edited by a developer, the new configuration will no longer guarantee support (as the responsibility for the new code will be shouldered by whoever programmed it.) 

As with other deliverables, we will have 3 rounds of design for the website - 2 rounds of design, 2 rounds of changes and 1 final design before sign-off. Additional rounds are charged at US$150-500 depending on complexity and scope.

Step 5.

Once the website has been confirmed and signed off, we'll launch the site to go live. To do this we'll need access to your existing domain name (if you have one), or purchase a domain for you via Squarespace. After the site is live, we'll transfer Squarespace ownership to you. This means that you'll have sole access to it. Because we give a one-month warranty on the website, we may need to access it in order to make changes. This is why, once you have the ownership, you'll have to add us as a contributor in Squarespace. You can change this setting once the one-month period warranty has expired.

Step 6.
Post Launch
Once the site is live, you'll need to continue paying a hosting fee to Squarespace; you can choose either monthly or annual. The price for a basic SquareSpace website package isUS192 per year @ $16/mo when paid annually (increased from US$12/mo in October 2017), and this includes hosting, 24/7 support, powerful analytics, built-in responsive design, even a free domain and a G Suite email (depending on the package), plus strong security.

After launch, we'll help you transition to Squarespace, so you'll get one month free support from us to help answer any of your questions.

Curated Brand Images

Photos and illustrations are just as important as the logo in expressing your brand. Images convey whether your brand is traditional or modern, classic or edgy, subdued or vibrant. Here at BrandCafé, we not only love looking at all types of images (we're slightly addicted to Pinterest), we're also passionate about getting the perfect image to communicate a message. Here's how we curate your brand imagery.


Step 1.
Creative Brief

Before putting together brand imagery, we'll work with you to define a create brief for the overall look and feel. After getting information from our initial consultation with clients about their brand, we usually present images that we feel suit the brand DNA. If you have specific preferences for the images, we'll need your input on the photography (or illustration) style, such as lighting, texture, color and overall mood. You may also send us reference photos.

Step 2.
Stock Image Curation

Once we've set a clear direction with you, BrandCafé will curate stock imagery from various online libraries and present the images together with the logo and website to form a unified visual identity. There will be 3 rounds of brand imagery presentations - 2 rounds of presentations, 2 rounds of changes and 1 final set be be signed off. Please note that stock photography has some limitations; they answer general image requirements, but for highly specific images, photography or illustrations may need to be commissioned.

Step 3.
Image Licensing & Credits

Depending on the branding package you chose, we'll procure 5 - 10 brand images for you. Images will be royalty-free, which means you'll have the right to use them forever for print or online. There are also several sites that offer beautiful photos for free. If free photos are used, we highly recommend crediting the photographer in your site. Free stock photos will not lessen the fee package, as we charge for the time and expertise it takes to search and curate images, rather than the images themselves.

Online Tools

To make coordination more efficient, these are the online tools we use:



Keeps Projects on Track

  • Helps track design presentations, schedules, to-do’s, feedback, notes and files.

  • To access, please accept our invitation to join the board (in your mailbox)

  • This will lead you to a login or sign up page, kindly sign up (it’s free) to view the board



Keeps us on Track

  • Time tracking for each project

  • Reports can be generated for each project

  • Helps to keep projects on track



Never Lose a File

  • An easy and universally used tool to store and share design presentation files and content

  • All files are backed up on global servers

  • Unlimited deleted file retrieval