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Frequently Asked Questions


What is SquareSpace?
Because it’s an all-inclusive, inexpensive way to quickly build a stylish, professional website. Your marketing and sales team can have more control of the website, and if anything comes up — any bugs, or even a simple question — the SquareSpace team is there to help 24/7.

Why is SquareSpace's 24/7 support crucial? Because most start-ups either don’t have their own IT departments or don’t have enough resources for their programmers to spend time on marketing items like websites — usually the programmers are busy building the start-up’s product. We've worked with several clients who have been very happy to use Squarespace templates as the basic foundation of their website.

The price for a basic SquareSpace website package is about the same as yearly hosting @ US144 per year, and this includes not only hosting, but also 24/7 support, powerful analytics, built-in responsive design, even a free domain, and strong security.

What is Trello? 
Trello is our main project management system that helps automate our processes. Each client will be given a "board" with "lists" and "cards" indicating the overall tasks required for the project, both on BrandCafé's and the client's side. Trello is very easy to use and can be learned in 10 - 15 minutes. The learning time is well worth the amount of time saved having to manage the project manually. Trello can also be used to add comments and updates on the status of the project and deliverable.

What is Zendesk?
Zendesk is what we use to keep emails, notes, presentations and feedback all in once place, so that everything will be easy to track, whether we need the information from yesterday or 2 weeks ago. Zendesk makes it easy to reference and check records without having to search emails one by one.

How do you keep track of time on a project?
We use Toggl, a great time-tracking system that lets us know how much time we've spent on specific deliverables within a project. Toggl ensures that BrandCafé and our client stay within the allotted time for deliverables in each project.