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What To Expect from Your

A Handsome Serving Package

Brand Logo, Name Card Design & Digital Letterhead, Fonts + Licenses, Graphic Patterns, Color Palette, Brand Guidelines Leaflet, Curated Brand Images x 10, Responsive SquareSpace Website x 10 Pages, Social Media Graphics, and Digital Artwork Files



Brand Logo

We will develop a creative, unique and practical logo that will look readable, legible and visible in applications such as stationery, signage, website, etc. The final output will be one (1) logo design accompanied by a a 1-page brand guidelines indicating how the logo should and should not be used.

What we'll need from you:

  • Your brand background
  • Positioning strategy
  • Design preference & benchmarks
  • Target market
  • Where you will apply the logo in the future
  • Competitors in the Industry
  • Business Peers

Namecard Template Design

A custom designed namecard template that matches the whole brand identity. We will design the namecard along with the logo in each round of designs, so that you can see how it all fits together. The final output will be one (1) editable namecard design template. At the end of the project we will give you the digital design files, which you can then edit directly using the fonts and brand guidelines that will also be provided. Final digital files will be in Adobe Illustrator PDF format; we do not work with Adobe Photoshop for vector layouts. 

What we'll need from you:

Complete and final content or confirmation of the rough amount of information (i.e., name, contact info, website, etc.) that will go into the design. We will not start the namecard design until we have received this from the client. 

Important Note:

The following are not included in the Basic but Beautiful Package:

  • Editing / proofreading of the contents of the namecard such as the name, contact info, email address, etc. The client bears responsibility for all final copy content & proofreading of the namecard.
  • Inputting  content for more than 1 person for the namecard. We will only design one (1) template and send you the final approved design files, which you may edit or duplicate at your convenience.
  • Printing and print production management of the namecard.  If you'd like us to help with printing the namecard, please get in touch for a separate quote.

Digital Letterhead

A Microsoft Word digital letterhead will be designed with the approved logo and content from the client such as company address, telephone, and other general information. Fonts will be set in the document using sample text which can later be edited. 

What we'll need from you:

All necessary information that will go into the letterhead: company name, address, email address, website URL, telephone numbers, fax, etc.

Fonts & Licenses

Depending on the font used for the final brand identity, we will purchase the font license on behalf of the client, meaning that you will have the right to use the fonts that have been chosen. Sometimes, free fonts such as Google fonts work with the brand; in this case there is no need to purchase a license if the font is free. Whether free or purchased, we will send you the font files along with the digital files at the end of the project. 

What we'll need from you:

For purchasing fonts, we'll need your Company legal name, address and contact information. These need to be included in the receipt/invoices of the font company we will be purchasing the font license from, and ensure that you owning a license to use a font is in the records.

Graphic Patterns & Color Palette

We will illustrate and design graphic patterns and motifs as part of the overall visual identity system. A primary and secondary color palette will also be included in the visual identity. These will follow the overall branding brief which we will receive according to the answers you provide in our free survey questionnaire, which we will send to you via email once we have received a contact request from you.

Brand Guidelines Leaflet (4x Pages)

BrandCafé will prepare a four-page set of brand guidelines showing the following:

  • Logo format, proportion, clear space & minimum size
  • Correct and incorrect ways to use the logo
  • Primary and secondary color palettes, including brand values for CMYK, RGB, Web Colors, and Pantone (if any)
  • Typography / Font combinations
  • Sample basic applications
  • Graphic patterns & motifs

What we'll need from you:

Let us know where you'll be using the logo. For example: stationery, website, signage, print marketing collateral, etc. 

Curated Brand Imagery (10x Stock Photos)

We will curate and search for stock photography that closely matches your brand identity. The curated photos will complement your brand in terms of style, mood, lighting, color, and theme. Searching for the perfect image is not an easy task, so giving clear information about your brand values, personality and design preferences will greatly help BrandCafé to find the best imagery for your brand. 

What we'll need from you:

If you have a clear idea of the brand imagery that you'd like us to curate, please let us know the style of photography (or illustration) you prefer, such as modern vs. vintage, grainy vs. sharp, vibrant vs. subdued, a mix of full color and black & white, etc.

Important Note:

If we do not receive a specific brief, comments or feedback on brand imagery, this will be taken as a confirmation that the images BrandCafé has curated are approved for use.

Responsive Squarespace Website (10x Web Pages)

BrandCafé will curate three Squarespace website templates for you to choose from. Once you've chosen a template, we'll start setting up the pages and populating the site with content that we receive from you. We will not start designing until we've confirmed the sitemap and received all final content from the Client. 

What we'll need from you:

A confirmed sitemap indicating specific pages to be included in the website (maximum of 5 pages) plus complete copy that will go into the site. 

Important Note:

We love to use Squarespace because (in our humble opinion) it is the most customizable in terms of user interface design, and provides the best looking templates suitable for branding. The company supports startups that are either in the creative industry or have a passion for branding. But, we'd like to emphasize that Squarespace is still template-based, which means that though the UI can be customized (you can change fonts, a bit of layout, color schemes, effects, etc.) to a certain extent, this package does not include full customization. We will only customize the interface within the context of Squarespace, or what is readily available within what Squarespace has already programmed. 

Social Media Graphics

A set of up to 5 graphics that are composed of cover and profile images. We will prepare the social media graphics as part of your overall brand identity, meaning they will show your logo and main brand graphics. You may decide and let us know which platforms you'd like us to prepare the graphics for:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Others

What we'll need from you:

Confirmation on which social media platforms you'll be using. For an effective workflow and to secure the safety of your social media accounts, we suggest that you upload the images directly into your social media platforms; we will prepare them to fit the standard sizes for those platforms. 

Digital Artwork Files

Once final payment is received, we will hand over all the digital files for all final designs: your logo; fonts & font licenses; namecard template design; social media graphics templates; brand imagery & stock photo licenses. We will also turnover ownership of the Squarespace website to you. We'll prepare the files in the software used to create them, Adobe Illustrator, in addition we'll create files in PDF, JPG or PNG, and Photoshop where necessary. 

Important Note:

Once we turnover all digital files and and the website, you can directly edit them. Note that if files were made using a certain software such as Adobe Illustrator, we will send the files in the same software; converting files into another software (such as converting vector Illustrator files into bitmap Photoshop files) will be out of scope and require extra fees. If you'd like our assistance with design after the project has been launched, please contact us for retainer services.