Stylish and affordable branding for Startups and Growing Businesses.


Stylish and affordable branding packages

Stylish and affordable branding packages


Branding packages tailored to startups & small businesses

We've structured our service at BrandCafé to answer pain points that small business entrepreneurs experience, starting off with two packages. The Basic but Beautiful package is for those who need a basic but stylish site. A Handsome Serving is for those with bigger needs like e-Commerce or more pages to better showcase your product, service or place. We can also customize a pricing package for you too, just send us a message with your needs.

To keep costs low and efficient, our service is all online – so you don't need to spend time in numerous meetings – and everything is tracked by trusted apps like Zendesk and Trello. These help to keep costs low and projects focused and streamlined.

Before a project is begins, we can schedule a free call with you to get to know you and your brand.



Basic but Beautiful

Logo & Website (5-page)
6 - 8 weeks

- Brand Logo
- Namecard Template Design
- Up to 2 Font Licenses
- Color Palette
- Brand Guidelines - 1 Page
- Curated Brand Images x 5
- Responsive Squarespace Website x 5 pages
- Social Media Brand Graphics
- Digital Artwork Files

A Handsome Serving

Logo & Website (10-page)
8 - 10 weeks

- Brand Logo
- Namecard Design & Digital Letterhead
- Up to 2 Font Licenses
- Color Palette & Graphic Patterns
- Brand Guidelines - Leaflet
- Curated Brand Images x 10
- Responsive Squarespace Website x 10 pages
- Social Media Brand Graphics
- Digital Artwork Files


Why Reserve? 
We want to make sure we clear out our schedule to serve your branding needs. When you reserve, we will schedule your project within one week.

Need more details?
To learn more about the scope of work and process, please view BrandCafé's Deliverables & Details.