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We make the branding process easy and enjoyable.

We make the branding process easy and enjoyable.


Everything you need to know to make the branding process easy and fulfilling.

By clarifying our processes, you'll save valuable time and resources. Each BrandCafé project goes through these 6 steps:

1. Enquire & Reserve    
2. Free Consultation
3. Deposit Payment    
4. Design Development
5. Final Payment
6. Launch

In order to keep costs low and give clients great work, we prefer to focus time on design. We try to minimize unnecessary project management time by using apps that streamline our timelines and emails. Everything is tracked by trusted online apps like Zendesk and Trello.



1. Enquire & Reserve Now  Fill in the enquiry form on our Contact page so that we have your basic contact information or reserve your package on the Pricing page. This kickstarts the process!


2. Free Consultation – Fill in our free questionnaire about your brand, target audience, industry, etc. and receive a free consultation. Decide whether you'd like to sign up with us.

3. Deposit Payment –  After reviewing your survey, we'll recommend which package suits you best and send you an invoice for Deposit Payment which can be made through  PayPal or credit card .

3. Deposit Payment – After the free consultation, and once you've decided to sign up, we'll send you an invoice for Deposit Payment which can be made through PayPal or credit card.


4. Design Steps – There will be 3 rounds of design and 2 revisions for your feedback. We will set up your Trello board which will keep the project on track and Zendesk will monitor all emails. For more details on how we work, please view Deliverables & Details.


5. Final Payment – After the designs are signed off, you'll receive an email with an invoice for final payment. Once final payment is received, all digital files will be handed over and your website will be launched!


6. Launch –  When the site is launched, we will transfer Squarespace ownership to you. Final digital design files will be handed over via Dropbox

Want to know more?

We delve deeper into the processes for each item such as Brand Logo and Website in our Deliverables & Details page.

Our Favorite Apps

These fantastic reliable apps keep projects organized and allow us to provide great designs for our customers.